Large Residential Water Loss

Today we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of handling large residential water losses….

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Contracts!!! What you need to do the work and get paid.

After years of “winging it” I finally figured out what documents are needed for my company to operate with a solid legally binding document.

Unfortunately, these contracts have been tested in the courts and came out a winner. Note: Going to court sucks. Don’t do it. But if you have no other choice, you really want to make sure you have the documents that will back you up.

Work Authorization, Credit Card Guarantee, Reconstruction Argeement

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Why growing your company could kill your company

Today’s episode explores company growth. Most owners crave growth while very few are prepared for the potential deadly consequences of doing so.


How I started my company. Singer>Handyman>General Contractor>Restoration Contractor>Podcaster – 1

In this first episode of the Restoration Contractor Podcast, host Shane O’Dazier provides a look at how he got started in the restoration business.

Shane talks about how he is a go-getter and says that we need to have these qualities as well to get the most out of this podcast. We hear about his beginnings as a subcontractor and how he was able to keep his costs low. Though he made sure to be frugal he was able to find consistent insurance work and grow his business exponentially, so we get to hear how Shane achieved this That leads into Shane talking about not taking on projects that are too big for us and removing negatives influences in our lives.

01:06 – An introduction of Shane.

  • Being a very positive person with a can-do attitude.
  • Moving to Nashville and getting a record deal.
  • The first time that Shane started a company.

04:43 – Getting into the restoration business.

  • Having to make the decision after getting married of going back into sales or starting a new company.
  • Beginning as a subcontractor to other restoration contractors.
  • Hiring more workers to help with trim paint and drywall.

08:38 – Expanding the business.

  • Wanting to get more insurance work.
  • What needed to be done to improve Shane’s profit margins.
  • The difference of owning an emergency services business and a general contracting business.
  • Going to search for customers with water damage.
  • Being frugal early on and not paying expensive start-up costs.

13:32 – Key points from Shane’s story and his outlook.

  • Proving that you can do good work by starting with small jobs.
  • Shane’s goal of what he wants to create.
  • Removing negativity from your life.