“We don’t pay for that” In today’s podcast we will cover tips and tricks you can use to help you get paid for work that you are already doing.

But first…. I have some homework for you……..

Save my number in your phone… and text me!! 615-326-9467

…. and create me as a contact……“Shane Podcast”…. I like that name 🙂


Text me your name. I will reply back to get to you!
I want to hear more about you, why you are here and how I can help you!

Step 1:
Text me @ 615-326-9467 & “Your Full Name

Step 2:
Save me in your freaking phone! …. “Shane Podcast

Why? At time during shows, I will ask you questions… or say text me “this cool word”… that will trigger whatever it is I wanted you to have.

Are you tracking with me? I can send you PDF, downloads, whatever via a link.. IF you want the thing, send me the word… I send you the thing

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